How To

Download http://www.digitalrus.ru/Files/StatCQWPXCWSSB.zip

1.      Unzip archive in ../Plugins Mixw (files StatsCQWPXCWSSB.dll and file macro cqwpxcw.mc , cqwpxssb.mc)

2.      For version MixW 2.19 folder Plugins settles in root folders MixW.

3.      For version 2.20 and above you at installation will be by default:

-          for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

C: \Users \ <User> \AppData \Roaming \MixW
- for Windows XP

C: \Documents and Setting \ <User> \Application Data \MixW

4.      Run Mixw

5.      Menu View - Contest mode (Figure 1)



Figure 1.

1.      Click Add new (Figure 2)



Figure 2

2.      Fill fields Name and etc as shown in figure. In fileds Your call insert your CALL . Press the button with three points (Figure 3)




Figure 3.

3.      Select CQ-WPX-CW/SSB and press button Setting (Figure 4.)




Figure 4.


4.      The Setup WPX Contest window (Figure 5) in the field mode please input mode CW or SSB

If to establish a tick in the field of Use window Multiplier, in the course

of work the window of cartoons will be displayed, however it a little loads

the computer and on the weak computer will slow down its work. Before work

if want to use this window at first test the program.





Figure 5.

After a choice press OK. This you will return to a window Choose the statistics filter (Fig. 6)


Figure 6.

5.      Press the Select button thus you will return to the Contest settings

window for competitions (Figure 7.)




Figure 7.

6.      Click button for select macro (Figure 7.)

7.      Select cqwpxcw.mc or cqwpxssb.mc and click Open (Figure 8.)




Figure 8.

8.      After a choice press OK. (Figure 9)




Figure 9.


9.      Thus you will return to List of Contest window Figure 10.




Figure 10.

10.  For activation of contest we will choose the test as you called it, in this case CQ-WPX-CW we

will press to Choose and Close or make a double click on CQ-WPX-CW.


11.Select View->Statistic->Show contest statistic (Figure 11.)




Figure 11.


Figure 12.

12.  Enjoj in CQ WPX contest

13.  Create Cabrillo log. Click button glasses (Figure 13)



Figure 13.

14.  Disable field Text , enable field Contest , select and click button Display (Figure 14.)




Figure 14.


15.  Select QSO for CQ-WPX-CW and click Cabrillo (Figure 15)


Figure 15.

16.  Fill the form (Figure 16.) and press OK




Figure 16.

17.    After pressing OK will return to the previous window, press Close and will return in MixW

  The file <yours call>.cbr for version 2.19 will be in root folder MixW.

  For version 2.20 or above and you at installation will be by default


for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

-          C: \Users \ <User> \AppData \Roaming \MixW

for Windows XP

-          C: \Documents and Setting \ <User> \Application Data \MixW

23. That will return to normal operating mode MixW - choose View-> Contest Mode

and double click No contest