1. Download archive  http://www.digitalrus.ru/Files/StatsEPCWW.zip   and unzip it into the folder Plugins MixW..


The given folder is:
- for
version 2.19 in folder MixW.
For version 2.20 and above:
- for WinXP in folder   C: \Documents and Setting \<USER> \Application Data \MixW
- for Win7   C: \Users \<USER> \AppData \Roaming \MixW


The archive folder contains the module of statistics StatsEPCWW.dll, a file makro.


Run MixW. Choose from Main menu View  -> Contest mode. (Fig.1)


(Fig 1)

List of contests is appeared.


(Fig 2)

2. In the appeared window press the button Add new

Contest settings is appeared.


(Fig 3)


3. In the field Name enter the test name. In the field Start enter date and time of the beginning of contest 02.02.2013 12:00:00.
In the field
End enter date and time of the ending of contest 03.02.2013 11:59:59 ;
In the field
Your call enter your Callsign:
put a mark on AvtoInc, for automatic counting of a control number.

4. Further in the field Statistics (Fig.3) press button with three dots.


(Fig 4)

In the appeared window (Fig.4) choose EPC-WW-DX  and press the button Select.
Thus you will return to the previous window.

5. In the field Merge macros (Fig.5) it is recommended to remove the mark. You'd better have your own macros for the contest.
If the macros have already been created, press the button with three dots in the field
Macros and point the path to connect the macros.


(Fig 5)

6. On completion of adjustments press ОК. (Fig.5) Thus you will return to List of contests window.


(Fig 6)

7. For contest activation click the mouse on EPC-WW-DX press Select and Close or double click the mouse on EPC-WW-DX.
The main window of MixW are appeared.
To display of statistics windows press
Show -> Statistics -> Contest.
Mode BPSK63 choice automatic.


(Fig 7)

8. To form the report press the button "specs" (Search Alt-R) - a form Search in Log is appeared.


(Fig 8)

Remove all marks and put a mark near the field Contest. Press on a triangle and select the name of the contest from appeared list as it was named at its
configuration. Press the button
Display. The form of contest Log is appeared.


(Fig 9)

Select all QSOs and press the button Cabrillo. A form of the report formation is appeared.


(Fig 10)

Fill in the form. (Fig 10) and press a button OK. The report file <your callsign>.cbr will be in the folder:
- for
version 2.19 in folder MixW.
version 2.20 and above:
- for WinXP in folder  C: \Documents and Setting \ <USER> \Application Data \MixW
- for Win7  C: \Users \,<USER> \AppData \Roaming \MixW 

To exit the Log form press a cross in the right angle of the form.

9. To cancel the mode of contest choose from the main menu Show -> Mode of Contest (Fig.1).
Click on the appeared window (Fig.2)
Not chosen and to press Select and Close.
Now MixW is in its usual mode and press the button


When preparing to the contest read the items ofEPC-WW-DX Contest Rules attentively and do not make mistakes when you work on the air or make up a report. Before sending a report file in Cabrillo format, please compare it to the sample and check the identity of modes to PM.

We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our contest!