How To

Download http://www.digitalrus.ru/Files/StatsAVOLTARTTY.zip

1.     Unzip archive in ../Plugins Mixw (files StatsAVOLTARTTY.dll, avolta.mc and Points_AVOLTA.txt)

2.     For version MixW 2.19 folder Plugins settles in root folders MixW.

3.     For version 2.20 and above you at installation will be by default:

-          for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

C: \Users \ <User> \AppData \Roaming \MixW
- for Windows XP

C: \Documents and Setting \ <User> \Application Data \MixW

4.     Run Mixw

5.       Menu View - Contest mode (Figure 1)




Figure 1

6.       Click Add new (Figure 2)




Figure 2

7.     Fill fields Name and etc as shown in figure. In fileds Your call insert your CALL .

Press the button with three points (Figure 3)




Figure 3


8.     In the appeared window (Figure 4) choose Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest and press the button Setting




Figure 4

9.     In the appeared window (Figure 5) insert your CQ Zone. Field Use window Multiplier is unessential and it is intended for a conclusion of multipliers in a separate window. After choice click on button OK.

Thus you will return to the previous window.




Figure 5

10.  Press the button Select (Figure 6) Thus you will return to the previous window.




Figure 6

11.  In the field Merge macros (Figure.7) it is recommended to remove the mark. You'd better have your own macros for the contest.
If the macros have already been created, press the button with three dots in the field Macros and point the path to connect the macros.




Figure 7

12.  On completion of adjustments press . (Figure.7) Thus you will return to List of contests window.




13.  For contest activation click the mouse on AVolta press Select and Close or double click the mouse on AVolta.
The main window of MixW and additional window Multiplier
To display of statistics windows press Show -> Statistics -> Contest (Figure 8)




Figure 8

14.  Enjoi AVOLTA Contest (Figure 9)


The note:

1.  In an operating time in log you will not be displayed your CQ zone - it is correct, it is not necessary to enter manually into log!!!.

At creation of the report the zone will be substituted automatically.

2.  At creation of the macro with the official report it is necessary using the following sample

<TX> <CURSOR:TX> <CRLF> <GRABCALL> <ACALL> <GA> UR <RSTS>-<NRS>-16 <NRS>-16 <NRS>-16 <CALL> K <RX> where 16 is your zone.

If necessary replace with the!

3.  At use of an example of macros avolta.mc consider that it was used for work 16 zone. If necessary correct on the zone necessary to you.





Figure 9


15.  To form the report press the button "specs" (Search Alt-R) - a form Search in Log is appeared.




Figure 10

16.  Remove all marks and put a mark near the field Contest (Figure 10). Press on a triangle and select the name of the contest from appeared list as it was named at its
configuration. Press the button
Display. The form of contest Log is appeared. (Figure 11)


Figure 11

17.  Select all QSOs and press the button Cabrillo. A form of the report formation is appeared. (Figure 12)


Figure 12

18.  Fill in the form. (Fig 12) and press a button OK. The report file <your callsign>.log will be in the folder:
- for
version 2.19 in folder MixW.
version 2.20 and above:
- for WinXP in folder  C: \Documents and Setting \ <USER> \Application Data \MixW
- for Win7  C: \Users \,<USER> \AppData \Roaming \MixW 

19.  To exit the Log form press a cross in the right angle of the form.

20.  9. To cancel the mode of contest choose from the main menu Show -> Mode of Contest (Fig.1).
Click on the appeared window (Fig.2)
Not chosen and to press Select and Close.
Now MixW is in its usual mode and press the button

21.  RULES: Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest.

22.  We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our contest!